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Read Music Notes HN


Without any prior knowledge of solfege or music theory, learn to read music notes quickly and easily in G (Treble) clef and F (Bass) clef with your mobile.Start with just 2 musical notes and gradually add new notes to improve your High Score. The more new notes you learn and the faster you can recognize them, the more points you win !
Each new note can be displayed in color to help you to recognize it and you just need to touch the screen to enable or disable this option, even during the middle of a game.
You can choose between the syllabic notation - DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI - or alphabetical - A B C D E F G - and change at any time, even in the middle of a game. In the same way, at any moment, even during a game, you can choose to replace the name notes by a keyboard keys.
And for more fun and more points, play in Crazy Game mode !!! You can also toggle between the normal mode and the Crazy Game mode at any moment, even in the middle of a game.
Read Music Notes HN also features a Championship game to test and improve your musical reading skill and get the biggest High Score.
At the end of a game, you can directly access to the multimedia musical reading corresponding exactly to the notes you have just learned. For example, if you have played with 4 notes in alphabetical notation (C D E G) with the note D displayed in color, Read HN Music Notes will open the musical reading with the notes C D E G and the D displayed in color.